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How does our staffing services work?

Our staffing services, play a vital role in connecting job seekers with employers.

These services act as intermediaries, bridging the gap between companies seeking talented individuals and individuals searching for job opportunities.

Staffing services employ a range of methods, such as advertising, networking, and conducting interviews, to identify qualified candidates who match the requirements of available positions.

We leverage on our expertise and extensive networks, to efficiently match job seekers with suitable employers, providing a valuable resource for both parties.

It saves time and effort for employers by pre-screening candidates and presenting only the most qualified applicants, while simultaneously offering job seekers access to a wide range of opportunities they may not have otherwise found.

Overall, our staffing services play a crucial role in streamlining the hiring process, facilitating successful employment matches, and contributing to the growth and success of businesses and individuals alike.

Our process

The key process of recruiting candidates for an organization involves several crucial steps. Here is an overview of the typical process:

Client Engagement: We initiate the process by engaging with the client organization to understand their staffing requirements in detail. This involves discussing job roles, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and any specific requirements the client may have.

Candidate Sourcing: We employ various methods to source potential candidates. This includes searching their existing database of candidates, advertising job openings on job boards, social media platforms, and industry-specific websites, and leveraging professional networks and referrals.

Candidate Screening: We screens the received resumes or applications to shortlist candidates who meet the client’s requirements. The screening process may involve reviewing resumes, conducting initial phone interviews, and assessing candidates’ qualifications, skills, and experience.

Candidate Evaluation: We conduct in-depth interviews and assessments to further evaluate the shortlisted candidates. This may include competency-based interviews, technical assessments, behavioral assessments, and reference checks. We aim to thoroughly assess the candidates’ suitability for the specific job roles and the client’s organizational culture.

Candidate Presentation: We present the most qualified and suitable candidates to the client. This typically involves sharing candidate profiles, resumes, assessment results, and any other relevant information that helps the client make an informed decision.

Client Interview and Selection: The client organization interviews the presented candidates and selects the ones they believe are the best fit for the job. We may assist in coordinating and scheduling interviews between the client and candidates.

Offer Management: Once the client selects a candidate, the staffing agency facilitates the job offer process. They may help negotiate terms and conditions, including salary, benefits, start date, and any other relevant details, acting as a liaison between the client and the candidate.

Onboarding Support: After the candidate accepts the job offer, We may provide onboarding support. This can include assisting with necessary paperwork, conducting background checks, coordinating orientation sessions, and ensuring a smooth transition into the client organization.

Post-Placement Support: We maintain contact with the client and the candidate during the initial stages of employment to address any concerns, facilitate effective communication, and ensure a successful integration into the organization.

Throughout the process, We focus on providing a high level of customer service to both the client and the candidate, maintaining confidentiality, and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. We aim to streamline the recruitment process, save time and resources for the client, and ultimately match the right candidates with the right job opportunities.

How much does it cost?

Post A Job – posting a job on is absolutely free. It requires an initiate approval and you will be able to post any no. of jobs with us online and get candidates profile in your mailbox directly.

Hiring cost – If you engage us for hiring candidates, a fee is charged as a fixed percentage of the candidate’s annual salary which is as per Industry standards. (8.33% of CTC)

Process Cost – A fee for a particular process to be worked out like candidate screening and sorting, background checks, or onboarding formalities. (hourly charges)

PBTA cost – A fee for the PBTA (project based talent acquisition) to be worked out on bulk hiring of front-line candidates along with apprenticeship and industrial mentoring.

Headhunting cost – Cost also varies from profile to profile requirements, from frontline to executive levels. the percentage charged for the candidates at the middle or higher level (headhunting) can attract 2 to 3 times more compare to the other recruitments.

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