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Project based talent acquisition (PBTA)

What is project based talent acquisition?

Project based talent acquisition (PBTA) is a framework which helps organizations to get employable candidates to choose from at an entry level while candidates are benefited with apprenticeship opportunity to get exposure in professional environment.

So Why We Do What We Do In PBTA with Apprenticeship?

Some of the statistics below indicate the worsening state of employable manpower requirements. It also indicates the plight of HR managers today.

  • 83% of 1,400 employers surveyed believe talent attraction and retention is a growing challenge (Allegis Group)
  • 80% cite applicant quality (poor employability skills) as main stumbling block in their talent strategy
  • 67% companies have undefined employee on-boarding practices
  • 57% employers are worried about worsening skill gaps
  • 94% give weightage to succession plan for employee engagement and their high-morale
  • 84% HR leaders agree on peer feedback, check-ins and frequent performance appraisal to have positive impact. (SHRM)

How does “PBTA with Apprenticeship “ enhance talent acquisition?

There are many factors which comes into account while a talent takes decision to choose an organization to work with.

In our study we have found that the SMEs are ill prepared for talent acquisition. We work with SMEs to enhance their overall human resource acquisition system. We operationalize their activities to attract talent at entry level itself.

We also work along for developing a proper system employee onboarding and induction program.

During internship / probationary stage, we provide OJT to entry level employees to make sure that they are focused towards achieving business results and are properly adjusted with the organizational culture.

Deliverable of Project-based talent acquisition (PBTA) with apprenticeship

Enrollment for PBTA with apprenticeship

Project Based Talent Acquisition – (PBTA)

Manpower in any organization is not a short term temporary arrangement.

Companies plan it with us through PBTA as a long-term talent acquisition and management strategy.1

FAQ’s on – Project based talent acquisition

Which type of companies can enroll?


Min. No. of Permanent Employees

Stipend paid

Fixed Min. Stipend to be Paid to Apprentices

OJT with certification

Fixed “OJT” duration with Certification and Job Offer

Are you interested to enroll in PBTA with Apprenticeship?

    1. Our role in PBTA with apprenticeship program is an aggregator. Our intention is to connect industries (SMEs) to Institutions to avail emplayable manpower while help improving employability skills for the bottomline. ↩︎