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What is the associate opportunity with us?

Working for institutional to industrial convergence through Education and Training since 2013, we assess and understand the pain of both industry as well as institutions. Both have to be equipped with the demand of the market.

There are still around 70% students who are not employable across graduations, post-grads, engineering backgrounds and management streams alike. The sole reason is that students without any fault of them, are unprepared, and completely disconnected between the changing needs of the industry and what is being delivered by the institutions around.

In a recent McKinsey Global Survey, 87 percent of executives said they were experiencing skill gaps in the workforce or expected them within a few years. But very few of the respondents are having an idea of how to tackle it.

From an article of Telegraph India, According to Amit Bhatia, founder of Aspire Circle, India’s education and skills market will grow almost double in this decade — from $180 billion in 2020 to $313 billion in 2030 — while creating five million incremental jobs and impacting 429 million learners.

Keeping the market gaps as well as the opportunities for skilling, reskilling, upskilling and co-working requirements, we are integrating, bridging, and developing an environment for change through our model of association with you.

Employability training center with IT capsule
Career Counseling Center With Comparative Study Facilities

What we offer?

Through our franchise model, we are bringing in a decentralized approach to career management through Employability and Course Connect Programs.

We are also franchising in mastering learnings for Technical, Functional and Role-based Job-Readiness Industrial Programs across in multiple streams. And provide job opportunities.

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    Who can take associate opportunity?

    If you have the zeal for job oriented skilling Industry to serve better. If you can work in collaboration and changing environment as per market needs.

    If you have an space of 500 to 1000 sq.ft. having a network in Schools, Colleges and Universities. If you can take calculated risk to work as an enabling partner with us. If you can network in Education fraternity and if you want to encash on the upcoming edtech opportunities for the long-term mutual advantages. This opportunity is for you.

    To apply for the associate at your city you can download our offizkit brochure and avail instant details about offizkit.

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